My name is Kylee C. Smith. I am many things — a creative, a dance artist, a writer, an entrepreneur, and I love to read. Literary Black Girl came about out of a personal challenge to read more books. I grew up reading voraciously; it was rare that you’d find me without a book in my hand. I was the girl who would try to sneak a book under the dinner table, and in the summers, I’d check out the maximum number of books allowed from the library at one time (24) and work my way steadily through the stack over the course of two weeks. (I’m an avid supporter of the importance of public libraries as well, but more on that later.) I’ve since gone to college, and the world has changed with the rise of social media and Netflix and TV on demand at the touch of a button on my iPhone. There’s so many more things that are vying for my time.

After I graduated from The Ohio State University in May of 2017 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Dance and a minor in Creative Writing, I found myself with more time on my hands than I had experienced in years. I challenged myself to dedicate some of it to returning to my first love — a good book. The start of 2018 brought more specificity: one book a week. I was tracking my choices on my personal Instagram page stories and a dear friend of mine responded one day saying, “if you had a book review page, I would totally follow you!” I had never considered it, but in the midst of wanting to read more, I was also wanting to write more. Book reviews might not be the most poetic of literary forms, but something about putting my thoughts about these great works (the kind I want to write myself one day) into coherent sentences appealed to me. Literary Black Girl is a book review blog on which you’ll find my impressions, likes and dislikes, and other musings about the books I read.

As a Black woman, I think that the voices of women of color, and those of Black women in particular, are of the utmost essence at a time like this. We are still not give enough seats at the table, and even when we are, our voices are silenced. I am creating a table that’s just for us to tell our stories, loudly and proudly.

So here we are… Welcome to Literary Black Girl!